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I’m Jonathan Dempsey, a Web Developer living in Dublin, Ireland.

While you’re here, why not check out some projects I’ve worked on or have a read through some posts I’ve written.

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  • November 2021

    CodePen Challenge: Knockout Text

    The "knockout" style, sometimes known as "cutout" text, is when the text "knocks out" holes in an element to reveal the background. The knocked-out text usually reveals a color, an image, or in this case, an animated gradient!

  • November 2021

    CodePen Challenge: Card Text

    In this week's CodePen challenge we get the opportunity to take a basic template of three content cards and breath a bit of life into them using our own custom CSS styles.

  • October 2021

    CodePen Challenge: Terrible Text Fields

    Be wary, a tormented ghost has possessed the text field in this CodePen. Type into the text field, if you dare, and experience the spirit's wrath!

  • Constrast CodePen Challenge banner

    November 2020

    CodePen Challenge: Contrast

    Never lose track of your cursor again! A custom cursor is created using "mix-blend-mode: difference" which will give contrast to any image or element the user mouses over.

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